:::A Brief Introduction to Meiyiguang Company:::
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¡¡¡¡Meiyiguang Non-Woven Abrasives LTD is located in Xingtou New Industry Distric, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, China. It is near Foshan-Kaiping Expressway, and No.325 national highway, and the Foshan First Ring Road.Our company was set up in 1989. We are the specialist in manufacturing Non-woven Abrasive materials. For the last twenty years, we have been investigating, developing and producing all kinds of Non Woven Nylon Polishing Wheels, including every kinds of Non-woven Polishing wheels(also called Nylon Polishing wheels, Non-woven wheels, Non-woven Nylon Polishing wheels, Non-woven Abrasives, Polishing wheels, Grinding wheels, Unitized wheels, Fiber wheels, Non-woven Fabric wheeels, etc.), Non-woven Flap Wheels(Rollers, Brushes), Non-woven Convolute Wheels(Rollers, Convolute cylinders, multi-finishing convolute wheels, etc.), Polishing Discs(Unitized Discs), Hand Pads etc. Owing to

the good quality, and the good credit standing,our Brands of ¡°Hengxing¡± &¡°Meiyiguang¡± are becoming more and more popular. Our products are famous in domestic markets in china and also are exported to India, Malaysia, Pakistan, Thailand, Indonesia, Israel, Syria, Ecuador, America, Slovenia, Germany, etc. Knowing that the source of enterprise life is service with quality, we pay special attention to the quality of raw materials. We try to use the best raw materials, the best technology and the best technicians to improve our products¡¯ quality. The quality is as good as that of the famous international Brands. Our products have past the SGS test. And we also supply All-direction services

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Features Consists of a "non-woven fabric" nylon 66 fiber support uniformly impregnated with abrasive grain through the binding agent synthetic resins, the dispersion of abrasive grains in the matrix provides a continuous supply of new abrasive grains as the old grains and fibre are worn away continuously. They are available in aluminium oxide and silicone carbide grains. This produce a three -dimensional material characterized by an open and elastic structure. No blockage, good brightness, excellent grinding effect, durable for use,workpiece's surface can keep for a standard.
Usage Non-woven Abrasives can deliver desirable surface blending, buffing, defuzzing, edge sanding, deburring,cleaning,polishing and finishing on ferrous and non-ferrous materials(like stainless steel, iron, aluminium, brass, bronze, copper, zinc, titanium, all kinds of alloy etc),woodenware, paints, plastic ware, marble etc. Like cleaning effect for cleaning and maintenance of machinery, hardware, various under polish treatment, and bowling cleaning. Decorative grinding pattern treatment. Bevelling, removal of oxide, removal of paints. Burl removing. Metal polish treatment. Woodenware and plastic ware edge line treatment.

The requirements of clients are colourful, but we always deliver customized services, like special size (including special shapes, special holes), special colors, special hardness(density), special grid sizes, etc. We can meet all kinds of requirements. In response to the development of the market, we will do as we have been doing to take quality and credit standing as our spirits, and develop new products to meet the demands of the market. Meanwhile, customers both at home and abroad are welcome to pay a visit to our company and give orders.


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